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Nazila Fathi discusses THE LONELY WAR on NPR’s Morning Edition

"Nazila Fathi covered turbulent events in her native Iran for years as The New York Times correspondent. She learned to navigate the complicated system that tolerates reporting on many topics but can also toss reporters in jail if they step across a line never explicitly defined by the country's Islamic authorities."

John Merriman’s MASSACRE reviewed in the New Yorker

“[Massacre’s] greatest virtue is the way Merriman particularizes the people of the Commune. For almost the first time in the vast scholarly literature on the topic, they are complicated individuals who come alive, rather than set-piece proletarian heroes or mere faces in the ‘mob’ or ’rabble’ of right-wing imagination.... Merriman relates the story of the Commune’s brief rise and brutal fall in tight detail, with hour-by-hour intensity, and draws all the drama out of the tale.”

Jason Sokol discusses ALL EYES ARE UPON US on C-SPAN’s After Words

"Historian Jason Sokol explores the reputation of the nation's Northeast region as a place of racial equality and strong support for African-American civil rights. He argues that, in reality, blacks were relegated to living in "ghettos" and working menial jobs - until Northern leaders challenged the citizenry to practice what they were preaching. He talks with Executive Director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, Michael Meyers."


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