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Yuval Levin’s The Fractured Republic reviewed in The Economist

“Party conventions are built around set-piece speeches given from the main stage at a time when middle America, that mythical place, is settling down after dinner to watch the news....In theory, what that candidate says will bear some relation to the ideas discussed, papers published and data marshalled by the wonks who populate the fringe meetings that take place at the convention, unseen by TV cameras....This year’s Republican convention will be different.”

Joseph Mazur discussed Fluke on PRI’s Innovation Hub

“Joseph Mazur began thinking about the probability of life events when a stone blinded him in one eye at age 12. Now a professor emeritus of mathematics at Marlboro College and author of Fluke: The Math and Myth of Coincidence, Mazur has examined how probability impacts our daily lives.”

Dan Flores’s Coyote America reviewed in the Christian Science Monitor

“Author Dan Flores knows that in the popular mythology of the American West, coyotes are those ‘ever-trotting, golden-eyed creatures of vertical red canyons and sere deserts,’ but he opens his compassionate and captivating new book, Coyote America, very pointedly in a different setting altogether: suburban Louisiana, where he had a boyhood encounter with a pair of coyotes while taking in the morning newspaper.”


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