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An op-ed by Mary Sarotte, author of THE COLLAPSE, in the New York Times

The opening of the Berlin Wall, 25 years ago this Sunday, marked a surprisingly joyous end to a conflict that could have erupted into thermonuclear combat. In the decades since, many Americans have come to believe that the wall fell thanks to President Ronald Reagan’s direct, personal intervention. In a 1987 speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate in a divided Berlin, he told Soviet leaders to “tear down this wall” — and so, we’ve been told, they did.

Heather Cox Richardson discusses TO MAKE MEN FREE with Pacifica Radio’s Letters & Politics

As Republicans take over control of congress today we’ll have a history of how political parties are used as avenues to power. We’ll look at the history of the Republican party. Our guest is Heather Richardson professor of history at Boston College.

Salon interviews Ed Baptist about THE HALF HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD

"I think that the truth is that if you allow people who have wealth and have private property to put profitability, to put efficiency, to put productivity and economic growth, to put those above other considerations — to put them above human rights, to put them above democracy, to put those things above morality — if we let people put those things first, and we have been doing it far too often since the early 1970s, then we are going to have disastrous, unsustainable results."



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