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Bee Wilson discusses First Bite on NPR’s Fresh Air

"Food writer Bee Wilson has a message of hope for parents struggling to get their children to eat their veggies: ‘As parents, we have a far greater power than we think we have to form children's tastes,’ Wilson tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. In her new book, First Bite, Wilson examines how genetics, culture, memory and early feeding patterns contribute to our food preferences."

Marta Zaraska’s Meathooked reviewed in New Scientist

“In Meathooked, Marta Zaraska takes on the task of unpicking why so many people—in the West, especially—seem to be addicted to meat. She finds that there is no easy answer: our taste for flesh is rooted in evolutionary history, dietary requirements, chemistry and taste, big business and the political power it wields, psychology and culture.”

A Q&A with Blood Brothers co-author Randy Roberts on Economist.com

"It was the collision of sports, race, and politics. On June 10th 1962, Cassius Clay, an up-and-coming boxer, met Malcolm X, a Nation of Islam minister, in a Detroit luncheonette. According to Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith, two historians who have written the story of their lives together, this meeting felt preordained."


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