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Nazila Fathi, author of THE LONELY WAR, featured in Vogue

"When reporter Nazila Fathi and her family were forced to flee Iran, she thought they would be gone just a few weeks. Then the weeks turned to years..."

Gerard Russell discusses HEIRS TO FORGOTTEN KINGDOMS with National Geographic

“I would say that religion is the most powerful binding agent that humanity knows. For a brief time, in the Middle East, ideologies could do that. Communism, to some extent, did it. So did nationalism. But in the modern day, it's religion. That's true of the West too. It's only at church that I will encounter the full range of people from different races and social classes. It has a power no other force has.”

Richard Brookhiser’s FOUNDERS’ SON reviewed by the Daily Beast

"Reading Richard Brookhiser’s Founders’ Son: A Life of Lincoln, reminded me of a visit I made 12 or so years ago to the National Mall with friend and fellow historian Michael Kazin. It was a typically hot and humid summer’s evening in the capital, and after we had spent some time perusing the shelves at the Politics and Prose bookstore, Michael asked if I had ever been to the Lincoln Memorial at night—to which I replied that although I never miss a chance to walk the Mall when in Washington, I had never gone to the memorials after dark."


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