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Irvin Yalom discusses CREATURES OF A DAY with Salon

"How are we supposed to grapple with the knowledge that soon we will be nothing? How do we live a meaningful life with the always-looming threat of death? That’s what Dr. Irvin Yalom of Stanford University — and the field of existential psychotherapy that he pioneered — strive to address."

The Washington Post reviews William Bradley’s A Very Principled Boy

“An alarming and informative new book… The Future of Violence is a frightening book, but it’s not an exercise in fear-mongering. Rather than arousing fear in order to advocate some dogmatic ideological agenda, Wittes and Blum offer a good example of a productive response to the world’s multiplying horrors: thoughtful and realistic analysis of potential solutions.”

Michael Schuman discusses CONFUCIUS with the Boston Globe

"Michael Schuman, a former Asia correspondent for Time and The Wall Street Journal, predicts that the resurgence of Confucianism will be one of the most important cultural trends of the 21st century, making it more vital than ever for Westerners to understand his actual teachings."


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