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An op-ed by Coyote America author Dan Flores in the New York Times

“One morning in the late 1930s, the biologist Adolph Murie stood near a game trail in Yellowstone...and watched a passing coyote joyously toss a sprig of sagebrush in the air...adroitly catch it, and repeat the act....At the time, Mr. Murie was conducting a federal study intended to prove, definitively, that the coyote was ‘the archpredator of our time.’ But Mr. Murie, whose work...exonerated the animals, was more impressed by that sprig-tossing.”

A Q&A with What the F author Benjamin Bergen on Gizmodo

“When President Obama signed the legislation for health care reform in 2010, his salty vice president, Joe Biden, was caught on tape telling his commander-in-chief, ‘This is a big fucking deal.’ It made headlines, even though it should shock nobody that hey—sometimes politicians swear, just like the rest of us.”

An essay by The Trainable Cat authors John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis in The Wall Street Journal

“Dogs are man's best friend. Cats? They're more aloof. Even the millions of doting cat owners will often acknowledge that their pets can be enigmatic, hard to please, and frustratingly antisocial. They run away. They hide. They scratch. They refuse to get in the carrier when it's time to go to the vet. They kill rodents and birds and offer up the bloody carcasses as if they were gifts.”


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