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Martin Ford discusses RISE OF THE ROBOTS on NPR’s Fresh Air

From the self-checkout aisle of the grocery store to the sports section of the newspaper, robots and computer software are increasingly taking the place of humans in the workforce. Silicon Valley executive Martin Ford says that robots, once thought of as a threat to only manufacturing jobs, are poised to replace humans as teachers, journalists, lawyers and others in the service sector.

Kevin Kruse’s ONE NATION UNDER GOD reviewed in the Nation

“An illuminating addition to the growing field of the history of American conservatism and capitalism, as well as a vibrant study of the way cultural influence works—one that will make it impossible to take for granted the small print on the back of a dollar bill ever again… This is what’s most interesting in the story Kruse is telling: the pattern of continuity and change that links our own time with those that came before.”

Thor Hanson discusses THE TRIUMPH OF SEEDS on NPR’s Science Friday

How often do you think about the seeds buried underneath your feet? Thor Hanson, biologist and author of The Triumphs of Seeds, takes us through the diverse biology and cultural history of seeds, from a date palm that sprouted from a 2,000-year-old seed to the dispersal ability of the java cucumber seed that inspired human flight.


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