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Gary Rivlin, New York Times Book Review
"We're having the wrong conversation about higher education in our country. So argues Suzanne Mettler in her provocative new book.... [A] thoroughly researched argument that leaves one both a little bit smarter about how politics work in this country and also very worried about a college and university system so clearly in crisis."

Washington Post
"[A] provocative new book.... Mettler argues that this drift in public policy over the past quarter-century — in Washington and in statehouses — has exacerbated gaps between the haves and the have-nots, undermining the ideal of college as an engine of upward social mobility."

Andrew Delbanco, New York Review of Books
"[A] valuable book.... Mettler tells hair-raising stories about telemarketers who prey on prospective students with misleading promises, and are then rewarded with bonuses or free vacations if they reach enrollment quotas."

Times Higher Education
"Mettler brings a fresh and original analysis to bear."

Degrees of Inequality

How the Politics of Higher Education Sabotaged the American Dream

By Suzanne Mettler

For readers of Jacob Hacker and Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, the first book to explain the link between our dysfunctional politics, the nation's stagnating college graduation rates, and rising inequality in America.

America's higher education system is failing its students. In the space of a generation, we have gone from being the best-educated society in the world to one surpassed by eleven other nations in college graduation rates. Higher education is evolving into a caste system with separate and unequal tiers that take in students from different socio-economic backgrounds and leave them more unequal than when they first enrolled.

Until the 1970s, the United States had a proud history of promoting higher education for its citizens. The Morrill Act, the G.I. Bill and Pell Grants enabled Americans from across the income spectrum to attend college and the nation led the world in the percentage of young adults with baccalaureate degrees. Yet since 1980, progress has stalled. Young adults from low to middle income families are not much more likely to graduate from college than four decades ago. When less advantaged students do attend, they are largely sequestered into inferior and often profit-driven institutions, from which many emerge without degrees—and shouldering crushing levels of debt.

In Degrees of Inequality, acclaimed political scientist Suzanne Mettler explains why the system has gone so horribly wrong and why the American Dream is increasingly out of reach for so many. In her eye-opening account, she illuminates how political partisanship has overshadowed America's commitment to equal access to higher education. As politicians capitulate to corporate interests, owners of for-profit colleges benefit, but for far too many students, higher education leaves them with little besides crippling student loan debt. Meanwhile, the nation's public universities have shifted the burden of rising costs onto students. In an era when a college degree is more linked than ever before to individual—and societal—well-being, these pressures conspire to make it increasingly difficult for students to stay in school long enough to graduate.

By abandoning their commitment to students, politicians are imperiling our highest ideals as a nation. Degrees of Inequality offers an impassioned call to reform a higher education system that has come to exacerbate, rather than mitigate, socioeconomic inequality in America.

Suzanne Mettler is the Clinton Rossiter Professor of American Institutions in the Government department at Cornell University, specializing in political development, public policy, and political behavior. She is also a fellow at the Century Foundation, and she previously served as president of the Politics and History section of APSA, and on the Association's Task Force on Inequality and American Democracy. The author of The Submerged State: How Invisible Government Policies Undermine American Democracy, Mettler lives in Syracuse, NY.

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