Extra Innings

More Baseball Between the Numbers from the Team at Baseball Prospectus

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9780465024032

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ON SALE: April 3rd 2012

Genre: Nonfiction / Sports & Recreation / Baseball / Statistics


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In 1996, a brassy young team of fansproduced a guide to baseball statistics.Printed on a photocopier, its distribution,which was in the low hundreds, was limited tofriends, family, and die-hard stat heads. Sixteenyears later, the Baseball Prospectus annualregularly hits best-seller lists and has becomean indispensable guide for the serious fan.

In Extra Innings, the team at Baseball Prospectusintegrates statistics, interviews, and analysis todeliver twenty arguments about today’s game.In the tradition of their seminal book, BaseballBetween the Numbers, they take on everything fromsteroids to the amateur draft. They probe theimpact of managers on the game. They explainthe critical art of building a bullpen. In an erawhen statistics matter more than ever, Extra Inningsis an essential volume for every baseball fan.

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Reader Reviews


Roanoke Times
“These are people who love baseball; their purpose is not to destroy our enjoyment of it but to provide better understanding. And if you're impatient, you won't have to wait long — it's in an introductory chapter — for the group's answer to the burning question: Who's the better player, Barry Bonds or Babe Ruth? We won't give it away; you'll have to beg, borrow, buy or steal the book. It's worth it.”

Bob Ryan, Boston Globe
“Time and again while reading this book I was dazzled by the intense depth to which these researchers are willing to go.... The depth of their knowledge is not merely formidable or impressive. It is downright frightening.”

New York Times
“Freakonomics for statheads.... The Baseball Prospectus team can make just about anything interesting.”—-
Washington Post Book World
“Go to a certain kind of bar, and chances are you will be told that everything you know about baseball is wrong. But, the wise guys at Baseball Prospectus will make you believe it — and enjoy discovering why.”

New York Daily News
“One book that will surely fuel the vicious barroom arguments that make the national pastime so much fun is Baseball Between the Numbers by the stat-heads at Baseball Prospectus, a book that brings a meat cleaver to some of the game's most sacred cows.”

Miami Herald
“Baseball Prospectus takes an inspired approach to the game, blending science and math to bust myths.”

Boston Globe
“A provocative book that looks at the game in ways not previously imagined.... These are the people making a huge impact on progressive front offices throughout the game.”

Wall Street Journal
“For fans in the moderate-to-diehard category, the queries asked and answered within these pages make for surprisingly absorbing, even suspenseful, reading.”—-
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