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Christopher Goscha’s Vietnam reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

“Mr. Goscha is one of the most talented and prolific of a new group of American and French historians who have examined the modern history of Vietnam...on its own terms...[he] has put together what will probably be for some time the best one-volume history of modern Vietnam in English...for readers seeking a concise, insightful and readable guide to the complexity and variety of Vietnam’s modern history, this book is an excellent choice.”

The Jazz of Physics author Stephon Alexander interviewed on NatGeoTV’s Startalk

“Stephon Alexander, author of The Jazz of Physics, talks with Neil DeGrasse Tyson about the connection between physics and music.”

An op-ed by The Cure for Catastrophe author Robert Muir-Wood in the Los Angeles Times

“The swarm of temblors in late September beneath the Salton Sea put Los Angeles on heightened alert and caused public officials to remind Angelenos about stockpiling water, shutting off gas valves, and remembering to ‘drop and cover.’ The message is familiar: Although the agent is natural in disasters like earthquakes, the catastrophe that follows is all too human and unnatural. Its severity depends entirely on how well the city prepares, how strong a ‘disaster culture’ it has built.”



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