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Tyler Nordgren’s Sun Moon Earth reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

“Tyler Nordgren’s Sun Moon Earth: The History of Solar Eclipses from Omens of Doom to Einstein and Exoplanets is a charming and informative primer on the subject....As the title suggests, the book is more than a generic guide to next year's eclipse...it is a philosophical, historical, and speculative meditation on the roots of scientific thinking and the development of astronomical theory and practice.”

An op-ed by The Constitution Today author Akhil Amar in the Los Angeles Times

“Every four years, we pick our president in an exceedingly odd way: through the electoral college. Below you'll find 10 common questions about our system and its history, and the answers that best reflect modern scholarship rather than the myths that still dominate civics textbooks.”

Benjamin Bergen’s What the F reviewed in the Economist

“A delightful new book....Studying swearing is a way of studying human nature itself. ‘Strong Language’, a group blog by language experts, ‘Holy Sh*t’. Melissa Mohr’s book on the history of profanity, ‘In Praise of Profanity’ by Michael Adams of Indiana University, or Mr. Bergen’s own fine book would all be good places to start.”


Sun Moon Earth

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