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Benjamin Bergen discussed What the F on PRI’s Innovation Hub

“You stub your toe. Someone cuts you off in traffic. That jerk Chad gets a promotion instead of you. Your mind probably goes to a few...profane words in your vocabulary. But...why are there ‘forbidden’ words? Why are some words not acceptable to say in polite company? And what do those words say about us?”

Akhil Amar’s The Constitution Today reviewed in the Los Angeles Review of Books

“Amar is at his best when providing historical insights to modern-day constitutional issues...what his new book exemplifies is a consistent commitment over two decades to speak to issues beyond the academic, to engage with audiences beyond a New Haven classroom, and to use the perch and resources of his academic appointment to help the rest of us learn more about the history and principles that guide us today.”

Coyote America author Dan Flores interviewed by Daily Beast

“Historian Dan Flores tracks the pedigree, chronicles the plight, and sings the praises of Canis latrans in his new book, Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History. Although his academic research is wide-ranging and his presentation nuanced, there’s no doubt Flores’ heart is on the side of the animal.”


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