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Mark Seidenberg’s LANGUAGE AT THE SPEED OF SIGHT reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

“In Language at the Speed of Sight,Seidenberg develops a careful argument, backed by decades of research, to show that the only responsible way to teach children to read well is to build up their abilities to connect reading with speech and then to amplify these connections through practice, developing skillful behavioral patterns hand in hand with the neurological networks that undergird them…Every teacher of young children as well as those who train them should read this book.”

Europe’s Last Chance author Guy Verhofstadt interviewed by Business Insider

“Just a few months ago, Guy Verhofstadt was a name that was most likely lost on any Brit who didn’t boast an impressive knowledge of European politics. Now, the former Belgian prime minister is being talked about by the British press on an increasingly frequent basis.”

Douglas Egerton’sThunder at the Gates reviewed in the Christian Science Monitor

“"[Thunder at the Gates is] a fantastic performance throughout...This is a landmark study of the true crucible of the American Civil War."”


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