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John Boles’s JEFFERSON reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

“A sympathetic (though not hagiographic) view of Jefferson that emphasizes the differences between his world and ours….[Jefferson] was, in Mr. Boles’s words, the ‘architect of American liberty,’ a phrase the author uses without the sneers or hedges that have become de rigueur among recent chroniclers of the founding era….[a] splendid biography.”

Stephen Westaby’s OPEN HEART reviewed in The New York Times Book Review

“Refreshingly, Westaby does not put a positive spin on suffering or cleave to false optimism… a reminder that nationalized medicine might ease the racial and economic injustices that currently determine which people die too soon, but it wouldn’t spell the end of medically preventable deaths.”

Odd Arne Westad’s THE COLD WAR reviewed by Foreign Policy

“In many ways, Westad has long argued, the Cold War made the world what it is today. His latest book is an eloquent and enjoyable defense of that proposition.”


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