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WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A DOG author Gregory Berns interviewed in the New York Times

“Dr. Gregory Berns, 53, a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta, spends his days scanning the brains of dogs, trying to figure out what they’re thinking. The research is detailed in a new book, “What It’s Like to Be a Dog.” Among the findings: Your dog may really love you for you — not for your food.”

WHAT I FOUND IN A THOUSAND TOWNS author Dar Williams interviewed on APM’s Marketplace

“Small town America is changing. As some jobs in industries like steel and iron disappear from places like Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, there's a need for towns to reinvent themselves in order to survive. So what makes a successful small town? Dar Williams is a folk singer and songwriter who travels the country with her music. She's watched small towns change and grow during her travels. Now she's the author of a new book about what it takes for these communities to thrive.”

Odd Arne Westad’s THE COLD WAR reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

“[An] epic account… One reason Mr. Westad’s narrative is so strong is its use of fresh archival sources from across the globe… ‘How Big Was the Cold War?’ is easy to answer: It was huge, as this book demonstrates, not only because of the perilous stakes but also because of the size of the two main actors. ‘How Deep Was the Cold War?’ is also easy to answer, and Mr. Westad does that so very well, showing how it reached into so many places in the world that were a long way from the Berlin Wall.”


What It's Like to Be a Dog
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