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SUN, MOON, EARTH author Tyler Nordgren featured in Newsweek

“Tyler Nordgren missed the total solar eclipse that passed over what was then his home in Portland, Oregon. It was 1979, and he was 9 years old. He’d heard so many warnings about how looking at the sun during the event could burn your eyes out, he says, that he hid in the house with the curtains drawn.”

Ann Hornaday’s TALKING PICTURES reviewed in the Providence Journal

“Hornaday has written a highly readable treatise on the sinew and bones of filmmaking. Every category you hear announced at Oscar time is covered with a discussion of classic and contemporary films to buttress her compactly made arguments… If you really are serious about the films you take time and money to see, Talking Pictures will make your celluloid education an ongoing pleasure.”

An op-ed by WHAT THE F author Benjamin Bergen in the Los Angeles Times

“Many Trump supporters were over the moon at Anthony Scaramucci’s colorful phone call to the New Yorker, in which the newly named (now-deposed) White House communications director claimed that unlike other members of the administration, he was not trying to fellate himself.”


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