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Stephon Alexander discussed The Jazz of Physics on NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered

“Stephon Alexander didn’t always love music. When he turned 8, his grandmother, who was from Trinidad, forced him to take piano lessons in the Bronx. His teacher was, in a word, strict. ‘It felt like a military exercise to rob me of my childhood,’ Alexander recalls.”

An op-ed by Stand By Me author Jim Downs in the New York Times

“Sunday’s mass murder in Orlando, Fla., was, among other grim superlatives, the worst instance of anti-gay violence in American history. But it was also far from the first. In fact, mass violence and the history of gay liberation go hand in hand.”

Yuval Levin’s The Fractured Republic reviewed in the National Review

“A rich, nuanced history of the last 70 years. It is a conceptually integrated guide for stepping back from the conventional conservative narrative—Fifties good, Sixties bad, Eighties good, Obama a disaster—and seeing afresh what has brought us to 2016....This marvelous book appears at the worst possible time. It is erudite at a moment when erudition is ridiculed; nuanced at a moment when simplistic idiocies win elections; motivated by a devotion to human flourishing at a moment when ‘human flourishing’ is calibrated in disposable income. But Levin deals in verities, and verities have a long shelf life. The Fractured Republic is an invaluable resource for understanding how America came to its present predicament and what must be done to rescue it.”


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