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Richard Florida’s THE NEW URBAN CRISIS reviewed in the Wall Street Journal

The New Urban Crisis bracingly confronts this tension between big-city elites and the urban underclass…Mr. Florida is right that there are really twin crises: inequality and segregation… The government should concentrate on helping poor people, not poor places. After all, the American economy will not benefit from stemming the flow of people from less productive places to more productive ones. The answer instead is, as Mr. Florida nicely puts it in his conclusion, a ‘new and better urbanism.’”

WILD NIGHTS author Benjamin Reiss interviewed on PRI’s Innovation Hub

“Some people count sheep. Some people take Lunesta. Some people try to avoid blue light. Whatever you do to go to sleep, it looks pretty much the same once you get there. Around eight hours of uninterrupted dreamtime, on a bed, either alone or with a loved one. But, it wasn’t always that way. And it’s not even the standard throughout much of the world.”

Andrew Ervin’s BIT BY BIT reviewed in Nature

“Whether sparked by Pong in the 1970s or Minecraft in the 2010s, humanity's love affair with video games is enduring; US consumers alone spent US$23.5 billion on them in 2015. Andrew Ervin slaloms through their cultural and technological history, from physicist William Higinbotham's 1958 analog simulation Tennis for Two to Atari classics, arcade stalwart Pac-Man and the Warcraft franchise. Ervin even plays the original games, research that involves the installation of vintage computer drives and an “obscenely loud” Donkey Kong machine. A vivid foray into alternative worlds.”


New Urban Crisis
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