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Edward Frenkel talks about Love and Math on the Colbert Report

What does love have to do with math? Edward Frenkel explains to Stephen Colbert.

PW gives Marcelo Gleiser’s The Island of Knowledge a starred review

Humans have worked to understand and explain the universe for millennia, but Gleiser (A Tear at the Edge of Creation), Appleton professor of natural philosophy and professor of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth College, says we’ll never know it all—and proceeds to explain why.

Peniel Joseph discusses Stokely: A Life on PBS Newshour

Stokely Carmichael marched with Martin Luther King Jr., campaigned for voting rights and against Vietnam, was a Pan-African revolutionary and coined the term ‘Black Power.’ But what's the complete story behind this leading figure of the civil rights movement? Gwen Ifill talks to Peniel Joseph of Tufts University about his new biography, Stokely: A Life.


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