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An essay by THE VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM author Yoram Hazony in the Wall Street Journal

Nationalism is on the rise across the globe. It is key to Donald Trump’s appeal in the U.S. It is the driving force behind resistance to the European Union and its policies in Britain, Italy, Austria, Poland and Hungary. And it is reflected in the success of Narendra Modi in India, Shinzo Abe in Japan and Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. Even before considering more complicated examples such as Russia, Turkey and China—whose politics have arguably taken a nationalist turn as well—this constitutes a broad revival of nationalist ideals and aspirations.
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Alisa Roth’s INSANE reviewed in the New Yorker

“This essential exposé, which includes tragic case histories, tells of legions of prisoners put in solitary confinement or subdued with medication.... At the heart of the problem, Roth notes, is the changing landscape of mental-health care.”
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