The End Of Shareholder Value

Corporations At The Crossroads

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Jan 4, 2008

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In The End of Shareholder Value , Allan Kennedy shines the spotlight on a new revolution in business-as customers, employees, political and social leaders, and governing boards begin to challenge the cozy relationship between executives and investors that has crippled companies in the name of maximizing shareholder value. Analyzing both historical and current material, he explores the colorful history of corporations since the turn of the century, evolving from engines of innovation to machines driven by short-term financial gains. From GE to the hottest new Web-based start-up, those companies that subscribe to the shareholder value ethic cannot be sustained and will, inevitably, be replaced by those who figure out how to create and share wealth with all their important constituencies. Provocative and wide-ranging, The End of Shareholder Value showcases progressive experiments in the public and private sectors, outlines new roles and responsibilities for all participants, and challenges everyone to rethink the purpose of business in the new millennium.

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