In today’s competitive and ever-changing business environment it’s no wonder that the workplace can become highly charged, especially when managers and employees alike are unaware of their legal rights and responsibilities. In The Workplace Law Advisor, veteran labor and employment attorney Anne Covey offers a comprehensive and accessible resource for managers and executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners, employees and human resource professionals in all industries. Illustrating every principle through real-life examples, the author provides practical guidance on how to interpret and apply employment law in order to forge more productive relationships in the workplace. The Workplace Law Advisor answers the most frequently asked questions about the employment relationship, covering such issues as: The top ten reasons why employees sue their employers and how to avoid these lawsuits; The crucial role of effective communication in the workplace; The Americans with Disabilities Act and who qualifies for its benefits; Protecting your organization and yourself from the costly effects of sexual harassment; The Family and Medical Leave Act

What's Inside

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