Significant Others

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Jun 20, 2002

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In Significant Others, the co-director of the world-famous Jane Goodall Research Center uses our recent knowledge of great ape behavior to examine (and puncture) many myths about humans-about infanticide, mating practices, the origins of human cognition, the human diet, language, and many other subjects. Evolutionary scientists know that the dividing line between humans and other animals has grown increasingly blurry-it’s even become a clichéo note that we share 99 percent of our genes with chimpanzees. Yet this knowledge, while superficially accepted, has not really been absorbed by many fields, especially the social sciences. At the same time, the knowledge that all humans are genetically and cognitively modern, no matter how “primitive” we may find them, has left the apes the only true “savages.” Thus if we want to learn about human nature and how we came to be as we are, we have to look to the apes to tell us. This is a sweeping, fresh, controversial book on what the science of primates can tell us about our own natures.

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