From Alchemy To Ipo

The Business Of Biotechnology

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Apr 12, 2001

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It is impossible to dispute the extraordinary impact biotechnology is having on our everyday lives. From Alchemy to IPO presents the dramatic story of the revolutionary and controversial business of inventing new cures and blockbuster drugs and a look at how biotech progress is generating powerful profit opportunities on all tiers of business and investment. Written by a well-known industry insider, From Alchemy to IPO addresses the coming-of-age of biotech products and companies and traces the history of biotechnology from its early inception in the ’70s to today’s heyday of new solutions and breakthrough treatments. It describes the amazing entrepreneurial trail of product development, novel business models, and critical trials that eventually pave the way to market, and describes advances, such as deciphering the genetic code and gene therapy, that just may lead biotech to a higher realm altogether. This is the first book to accurately record the inner workings of an industry-biotechnology-that’s on the verge of living up to its monumental promise to change the world as we know it.

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