Venture Catalyst

The Five Strategies For Explosive Corporate Growth

Trade Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780738207766

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ON SALE: September 19th 2002

Genre: Nonfiction / Business & Economics


Where’s the growth? While the NASDAQ has generated over three trillion dollars in new wealth over the past ten years, many companies are still playing by yesterday’s rules, growing incrementally or expanding through risky mergers and acquisitions. In today’s high-stakes environment, the question is not whether to venture but how far and fast can your company grow through new business creation. In Venture Catalyst , Don Laurie offers an insider’s perspective on the explosive world of corporate venturing through interviews with such pioneers as Roger Ackerman of Corning, David Wetherell of CMGI, and Mitch Kapor of Accel. Moreover, he offers a practical framework for identifying new sources of growth, launching and managing ventures, balancing the tension between established discipline and entrepreneurial creativity, and maximizing the value of ventures. For executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and investors alike, Venture Catalyst is a powerful guide to thriving in the new economy.

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