Inside Sudan

Political Islam, Conflict, And Catastrophe

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ON SALE: April 27th 2009

Genre: Nonfiction / History / Middle East


Sudan, governed by an Islamic fundamentalist dictatorship, has come into conflict with the United States and other countries not because of its religious orientation but because of its record of human rights abuses and support for terrorism. The country has captured the attention of many Americans, some of whom feel that something must be done to combat religious persecution throughout the world and others who are appalled that almost two million civilians have died as a consequence of Sudan’s civil war. As the last American ambassador to complete an assignment based in Sudan, Donald Petterson provides unique insights into how it has become what it is today. The central focus of Inside Sudan is on Petterson’s experiences dealing with a hostile government. Petterson tells of what occurred after Sudanese security forces executed four Sudanese employees of the US government in the southern city of Juba. He relates what happened to Americans in Khartoum after Washington put Sudan on the list state sponsors of terrorism. He describes what he saw on his many trips into war-devastated southern Sudan. These unique observations, and Petterson’s account of his return to Sudan in late 1997 to look for openings to improve US-Sudan relations, provide a timely review of our relationship with a country increasingly regarded by Washington as beyond the pale.

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