Cell Phones

Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age

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Feb 12, 2002

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Essential reading for the 100 million Americans currently using wireless phones, this thoroughly researched and documented cautionary work stands alongside of such classics as Silent Spring and The Coming Plague. With news reports proliferating of the possible connection between brain tumors and cell phone use, Dr. George Carlo was hired by the cell phone industry in 1993 to study the safety of its product. In 1999 funds for Dr. Carlo’s research were not renewed, and the industry sought to discredit him. Undeterred, Carlo now brings his case to the public with a powerful assessment of the dangers posed by the microwave radiation from cell phone antennas — disruption of the functioning of pacemakers, penetration of the developing skulls of children, compromise to the blood-brain barrier, and, most startlingly, genetic damage that is a known diagnostic marker for cancer — as well as a presentation of safeguards that consumers can implement right now to protect their health.

“The authors raise serious questions about the integrity of the cell phone industry and the FDA.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Extraordinarily informative . . . [a] captivating story.” — Publishers Weekly

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