One of the country’s most astute legal scholars explains how American political culture disempowers ordinary citizens and makes the case for a reinvigorated democracy 

Americans across the political spectrum agree that our democracy is in crisis. We view our political opponents with disdain, if not terror, and an increasing number of us are willing to consider authoritarian alternatives. In Two Cheers for Politics, Jedediah Purdy argues that this heated political culture is a symptom not of too much democracy but too little. Today, the decisions that most affect our lives and our communities are often made outside the political realm entirely, as market ideology, constitutional law, and cultural norms effectively remove broad swaths of collective life from the table of collective decision. The result is a weakened and ineffective political system and an increasingly unequal and polarized society. If we wish to renew that society, we’ll need to claw back the ground that we’ve ceded to anti-politics and entrust one another with the power to shape our common life. 

What's Inside

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"An essayist and moralist for our generation, long known for capturing  the incongruity between our arrangements and our aspirations with great eloquence, Jedediah Purdy has become the advocate for redeeming democracy from its limitations we need now. Addressing how constitutional law and economic hierarchy leave Americans tempted to despair, Purdy avoids blind alleys in search of exits from political impasse, with self-rule by equal citizens a credible—indeed, our only—hope."—Samuel Moyn, Yale University
"Two Cheers for Politics is a powerful antidote to the despair that characterizes discussions of democracy in our times, combining clear eyed analysis of the challenges democracies face with a refreshing historical diagnosis of how we got to this point, and how we might move beyond it. Purdy’s eloquent book restores moral dignity and political plausibility to the idea of democracy."—Pratap Bhanu Mehta
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