For more than sixteen years, Jeffrey Hollender has presided over Seventh Generation, a world leader in manufacturing environmentally friendly, nontoxic household products. What Matters Most illuminates the successful practices of Seventh Generation-and many other pioneering companies around the world-to demonstrate the pragmatic aspects of a corporate strategy that hardwires social and environmental concerns into the company’s culture, operating systems, and business relationships. It shows business leaders how to assess their own company’s performance, adopt a socially responsible approach to doing business, and embark on a path of long-term growth.

“Jeffrey Hollender . . . has shown that doing the right thing does pay off both in terms of building a brand that generates great customer loyalty and a business that has consistently generated superior growth.” — Ben Cohen, Founder, Ben & Jerry’s

What Matters Most stands out for its moderate and thoughtful analysis of a controversial issue . . . Hollender is a voice of reason in today’s important debate on corporate responsibility.” — Soundview Speed Reviews

What's Inside

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