The Growth Experiment Revisited

Why Lower, Simpler Taxes Really Are America's Best Hope for Recovery

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Sep 10, 2013

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The first edition of The Growth Experiment, originally published in 1990 as a response to critics of the Reagan-era tax cuts, became a kind of bible for proponents of supply-side economics. This new and updated edition, which explores the economic effects of America’s tax policy over the last five presidential administrations, makes a bold and timely argument against the centerpiece of Obama’s economic policy — increasing taxes on the wealthy. Lawrence Lindsey provides a data-rich argument showing that because of changes in human behavior prompted by tax cuts, lowering taxes on the wealthy “costs” the treasury far less than most economists calculate and creates an economic boon to middle and lower income earners. Sure to be controversial, The Growth Experiment Revisited is essential reading for anyone looking to understand the arguments at the heart of this most fractious of American policy debates.

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“A valuable project.... Lindsey makes a convincing case that Mr. Bush doesn't receive nearly the credit he deserves for steering the economy clear of a mini-depression in the early 2000s.... What is beyond dispute, after reading Mr. Lindsey's book, is that tax rates have a direct effect on the health of the economy, a lesson that the current Obama administration has chosen to ignore.”
The Wall Street Journal

“I read The Growth Experiment in college, and it taught me an important lesson: Taxes matter. They help shape people's decisions. In this new edition, Larry Lindsey introduces supply-side economics to the next generation. And he shows that the best way to spur economic growth is to keep taxes low, simple, and fair.”
Paul Ryan

“This book was the Wall Street Journal editors' primer when it came out, and can serve as a primer again for all who value growth today. Lindsey is that rare figure in economics, both sage and honest broker. His magnanimity and wisdom shine a light on the economic topic, illuminating our (tax) path forward.”
Amity Shlaes, author of Coolidge
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