The Secret Lives of Boys

Inside the Raw Emotional World of Male Teens

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Aug 24, 2010

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Teenage boys have come a long way since the staid 1980s when they were all lumped into the Breakfast Club categories of Brains, Druggies, and Jocks. Crisscrossing the country — meeting with boys from different cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds — journalist Malina Saval introduces readers to the next generation of male teens by creating new archetypes and redrawing the ever-expanding social map. The Secret Lives of Boys offers an uncensored look into boyhood that reveals the spine-tingling confessions, heartrending sadness and isolation, unbridled optimism, and seemingly boundless resilience of male teens today. Saval asks the pertinent questions: Who are these boys? What do they think of themselves? A compelling and candid look at male adolescence in the twenty-first century, The Secret Lives of Boys uncovers what our young people want you to know.

What's Inside

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Allison Burnett, author of Undiscovered Gyrl
“With the objectivity of a sociologist and the compassion of a saint, Malina Saval takes us on a journey into the hearts and minds of teenaged boys, letting them do what our society rarely does: speak for themselves. The trip is painful, funny, frightening, hopeful, and, ultimately, unforgettable.”

Andy Behrman, author of Electroboy
“Malina Saval's vibrant writing style and fascinating journeys into the lives of ten young boys provides parents with extremely useful information about how to help shepherd kids through adolescence in the 21st century...The Secret Lives of Boys is a must-read for people looking to understand the ‘mainspring' of this demographic which we've been so quick to write off.”

Blake Nelson, author of Paranoid Park
“A fascinating and up-to-the-second survey of that most mysterious segment of our population: teenaged boys.”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
“Through Saval's keen observations, we're allowed to meet 10 teenage boys who are complex, insightful, thoughtful, optimistic and resilient. You can't learn that from test scores.”

“Saval's well-edited portraits reflect real-life's nuances and messy contradictions and offer a refreshing, often-optimistic sense of male teens' strength and resilience.&rdquo

Boston Globe
“Malina Saval has been called ‘The Boy Whisperer' for her skill at getting teenage boys to open up (we need her at our house).”

Library Journal Xpress Review (online)
“Saval introduces us to ten very different teenage boys and makes a compelling case for the so-called problem with adolescent males being not the boys, but an overreliance on statistics and norms to tell their stories.”

New York Times Book Review
“[R]eal, funny and astute.... Parents, teachers and especially teenage girls will be fascinated to know that boys care about fashion, cry about girlfriends and have deep feelings. More important, they might see aspects of themselves reflected in these stories and realize, as I did, that boys aren't so mystifying ­after all.”

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