Knowledge, Difference, And Power

Essays Inspired By Women's Ways Of Knowing

Trade Paperback / ISBN-13: 9780465037339

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ON SALE: April 11th 1998

Genre: Nonfiction / Social Science / Women's Studies


An impressive and innovative follow up to Women's Ways of Knowing, this book shows how the authors' “ways of knowing” theory revolutionized the fields of law, education, psychology, and women's studies, to name but a few. In essence, this dynamic collection poses the ultimate question: Can we come to understand and respect diverse ways of knowing? Features: 15 essays, all written exclusively for this volume the essays are by the original authors of Women's Ways of Knowing and prominent contributors, including Sandra Harding, Aida Hurtado, Sara Ruddick, Michael Mahoney, and Patricinio Schweickart in separate chapters, the authors explore how their thinking has developed and changed since Women's Ways of Knowing argument is expanded beyond gender and knowledge to address the factors of color, class, and culture.

What's Inside

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