Following in Lincoln's Footsteps

A Complete Annotated Reference to Hundreds of Historical Sites Visited by Abraham Lincoln

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Nov 22, 2002

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From attorney Lincoln’s law offices to the presidential Oval Office, from the address in Springfield, Illinois, where he made up with Mary Todd after a premarital spat, to the window he jumped out of to avoid a quorum call in the Illinois General Assembly, to the spot where he heard the news of Robert E. Lee’s surrender — this unprecedented volume takes readers there. It also answers dozens of lingering questions about Lincoln’s life as it sifts for the truth among the many disputes that continue to rage among scholars. A longtime member of notable Lincoln societies, Ralph Gary has scoured county courthouse records and the writings of Lincoln’s contemporaries as well as thousands of other books written on Lincoln’s life and work to compile the most complete and up-to-date guide to Lincoln historical sites ever published. Included in the book are detailed maps showing Lincoln’s travels, so that students of the Civil War and Lincoln buffs can retrace history by walking in the footsteps of one of America’s most popular presidents. “By far the most comprehensive and useful guide . . . well researched, beautifully written, and a much-needed reference.” — Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank J. Williams, Chair, The Lincoln Forum “[For] every Lincoln enthusiast . . . a map of Lincoln’s path through life . . . a delightful review of the way he lived it.” — Harold Holzer, author of Dear Mr. Lincoln

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